[Artist Needed] Small job for 2d game backgrounds.

Hey man thanks for the reply. Looked at your stuff and I think you could accomplish the project easily.

So here is the rundown. The game is very close to shipping. Ads are in place, game services, and its been bug tested to hell. There are just a couple of things left, one of them being the backgrounds. Going to be adding a couple more achievements to game service, and replacing our final two placement art sprites with real art, couple sounds here and there. Then we are done! So I guess what I am saying is the project is nearly done, so I am hoping to get the backgrounds relatively soon.

What is needed for the backgrounds is honestly not much. The game is minimalist in style and is of sci fi theme. Its graphics style is intended to be comparable to games like "Geometry Wars" or Gradius from the SNES.

I want the backgrounds to be able to scroll to give the appearance of motion, so they will have to loop. The game width screen is 1136 pixels (game height 640 pixels), and so I am thinking we want images that are at least 3 times the width (so roughly 3408 pixels). If you feel this needs to be longer that is completely up to you, it just needs to smooth transition when it loops.

In terms of the artwork needed, it doesn't have to be anything complicated. I have our 4 static backgrounds that we are currently using so I can give you those for sort of a reference of the style. To be honest I am not looking to spend a fortune so I am wanting simple, effective backgrounds that portray the theme. Ill link the current backgrounds so you get a feel for the look. You don't have to go off of them at all though, you have control over how they turn out. I just want them to meet the style / theme if that makes sense. Once you have an idea of the simplistic style go ahead and give me and quote per background and we can talk that out.

Here is the album of the current backgrounds. http://imgur.com/a/ZIdUh

To prevent being unclear let me just throw out a time of 2-3 weeks for the work. If this seems unreasonable let me know, I am not an artist so I am uncertain.

I am sure I missed something. I am still fairly new at this. Contact me with any questions you have. I am excited to work with you and thanks again for replying!!

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