The Artsy White Girl Starter Pack

I am LIVING for this. So I'm an Indian female writer and sometimes I feel this big looming presence over me that's telling me "write this, the whites will eat it up" even though it isn't the truth, and what I'm writing isn't my cultural experience but really is what white people think my experience is.

For instance: as an Indian, everything in my household is normal to me. The smell of spices, incense, colorful clothes, etc. (and I felt awful typing that list out because that's so stereotypical). But JUST by typing out that list I've made those things notable, have made them somehow different and "special" from the things I don't write out and notice. Does that make sense? I'm worried that my writing reads like a white American (or non-Indian POC) walking through my house and noticing things that are different from the America they know. But I don't know how to reconcile this because I understand that my cultural experience is different from the vast majority of Americans', and it has played a role in the person I have become.

Thoughts? I'm always conflicted about this.

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