[AS6] Post-Disappearance/Rumours Nancy Drew Thread (1.0)

At least one queen from every season except for 1, 8, 9 and maybe 10. Thanks WoW for trying to include everyone.


  • Ginger: at least Top 4. Not much. Just funny moments. I still believe that they (production) cannot crown a queen who already got 2 chances (AKA Manila, Latrice, Alexis, Juju and maybe Shangela). They just give these queens another chance to appear so they can get gigs and TV moments again. That’s the deal with them I think.
  • Jan: runner-up material perhaps.
  • Jiggly: pls make her the narrator of the season leaving Top 5.
  • Pandora: leaving mid season. New fans will love her.
  • Ra’Jah: I want to like her but maybe first one out if talent show again.
  • Scarlet: maybe the villain edit? Or just drama queen of the season. Pot stirrer. Would love that.
    • Serena ChaCha: second out if Ra’Jah is first.
    • Sonique: Top 3. Not the villain edit but she will not be there to make friends for sure lol.
    • TKB: also sort of villain edit like India. Same placement.
    • Yara: Almost Top 5.
    • A’Keria: crown her.
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