The ascend into weekend


while indianapolis might have better winrate than the new orleans, that's not because the indy is so much better, but rather that the new orleans is a POS (admittedly better than t7 pensacola) - the main difference being not the radar but the better armor layout of the indianapolis.

ignoring the event clone ships the bottom of the t7 cruiser list is the following from worst to slight less worse:

  • new orleans (atleast better than pensacola)
  • yorck
  • atlanta
  • indianapolis

every other t7 premium/tech tree cruiser has above 50% winrate.

if you look at the top of the list:

  • flint (has smoke)
  • belfast (has smoke)
  • boise (has repair)
  • fiji (has smoke)
  • nueve de julio (has repair)
  • ducca degli abruzzi (has repair)

the middle ranks are the regular tech tree cruisers without smoke/repair.

so if you want to complain about something, then that's where you have to start.

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