Asia learns to live with Trump rhetoric, but unease remains

Here in Japan, people are way more concerned about N. Korea than they ever used to be, despite all their yearly rhetoric, and it's all because of trump.

Contrary to what people want to believe, KJU is utterly predictable. He talks big talk, addressing the US but for public consumption at home, usually even at the same time of year. The previous nuke and missile tests were seen as unfortunate, but not an actual threat because everyone knows he's not stupid enough to actually attack.

Now nobody is sure about what trump will do. He's mocked and scorned as an ignorant baby when he's discussed at all, and he's literally viewed as much less predictable than anyone in N. Korea. He is absolutely viewed as someone who could act without regard to the wellbeing of the people of S. Korea and Japan. The recent missile tests that flew over Hokkaido are widely viewed as a direct response to trump escalating the situation.

Th only thing people are happy about is that he's at least finally restated the US' defense commitment to japan, since he spent much of his campaign taking about how japan (and pretty much every other US ally) wasn't "paying their fair share."

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