Asian Shopkeeper brutally assaulted from behind in Manhattan

I also don't get how, after heavy crime against us, they are always the victims.

It is racism for us to even attempt to avoid them or our shops to ban them due to fear after hundreds of incidents from payment evasion, robbery, violent assault to murder normal asian people, sometimes even foreign students, in their shops and homes. But it is totally fine and justification for them to violently riot and destroyed against part of the city with asian community after a Korean shop owner shots one who she thought was stealing and feature all into a modern movie.

Yet they still shout "Chinese are racist! They deserve being attacked, I have no sympathy for them" after Guangzhou bans illegal African immigrants and some local shop ban them from entering mostly due to fear.

I know there are very friendly and reasonable African people, and most of them are. But the stupid ones have a much louder voice and their way of surviving by violence combing with the always the victim card, amplified by those hypocrites in this society, are deeply hurting all of us.

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