Asian students under attack, again, by DOE

So...all through this election cycle I've been hearing about how NY Democrats are ignoring Asians and trying to get educated on the subject. But what this seems to mean based on the list of goals Asian voters keep circulating on Reddit and other social media is that they want more cops, a more punitive criminal justice system, and any measures that support equity or the welfare of any minority groups who aren't Asian to go away.

Not going to take the time to argue with their POV but what seems clear is that if Democrats don't become more Republican they will vote for Republicans. And honestly..they should vote for Republicans, then. We don't need, in this state or country, for the barely left-of-center party to try to out- conservative the right wing party.

Putting aside whether either party "cares" about Asians or any other particular group of people, there is some simple pragmatism here beyond the more high-minded ideal of actually sticking to your principles as a party. Other people of color in this city still vastly outnumber the specific Asian demographics that are feeling so ignored, and they still reliably vote Democratic. If it has to be a choice between one group that has racial animosity toward another group, or the other group (that has equal racial animosity toward the first group), then the smart money is to go with the group that has bigger numbers and is going to vote for you.

I'm sad that there are Asians who are upset about things like affirmative action or progressive criminal justice and would like to find a way to convince them that progressive politics benefit everybody in the long term even if you're not getting the short-term gain out of it, but since that doesn't seem to be a possibility I think we just have to accept that New York Asians (or rather New Yorkers who have ethnicity traceable to certain specific Asian nations) might just be Republican.

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