Asians of coontown who have lived in poverty. Where are you now?

I came from working class origins, as my father left his family inheritance and wealth behind when he and my mother moved to Britain in the '70s.

My father was a supervisor at a factory, so we never experienced poverty, but it wasn't like we had a great deal of security either.

Anyway, early on, I tested extremely well at school and won prizes (as well as minor regional celebrity) for some poetry and short stories, when I was 10yrs old.

Moved to London, after school and met black people, for the first time in my life. I was a liberal and always felt uncomfortable at my mum's racism (she wasn't fond of black people even though she'd never met one and she was didn't like dark skin or big lips or any of the aesthetics one associates with them).

Got mugged a couple of times, whilst at college. Both occasions the attacker was a black thug, but never got physically dominated. I pushed back and made them realise that it wasn't worth trying it on me. First time I'd ever faced any crime. I knew outright Nazis and National Front people back in my home town. Walked through their demonstrations, but never felt unsafe or actually threatened. Yet first year in London and I'm mugged by blacks?

That soured my opinion a little, but due to family problems, I had to give up a place at a good uni to look after my mum. So I attended a mediocre uni closer to home. That meant dealing with a few more blacks than I would have at the better institutions but, other than them confirming their stupidity and their almost genetic struggle with the English language, nothing too bad came of it.

Worked for a square mile-based financial consultancy after uni, became a manager in the company at 22yrs of age and saw first hand the resentment between Jews and English people. Also experienced my first instance of being co-opted in racism, as a female exec (ex of BoNY), complained that one of our clients brochures featured a couple of black people and that this would affect peoples' perceptions of the professionalism of the client's equities division. It felt strange to be seen as a natural conspirator in this act, given that I am myself not European. Anyway, we talked it over with the CEO and then the brochure was changed.

Almost all the people I met in the City were anti-black. From the German and English sons and daughters of the aristocracy to some of the most beautiful women I've ever known. All pretty much had an aesthetic that was in line with that of my mother. Really, really strange.

Truth be told, I became a little racist as a result of the people around me. And because this woman who was flirting with me was trying to turn me into some Aryan racist guru (I learned more Hinduism from English people than I ever learned from other desis).

Still, it was television and the politics of Equality and Diversity that made me a CoonTown lurker (and eventual poster).

The organised attempt at cultural and psychological manipulation of people, the glorifying of the dumb and vulgar blacks and their repellent culture. The general dumbing down of society and lowering of intellectual standards ... It's all part of the same thing and I find myself very intrigued by where and how the push-back will be.

I'm not hateful or hostile towards blacks, I follow a sort of "avoid the groid" policy in life, but I also believe in "live and let die/live". I just feel resentment towards the manipulation being played out.

I see a deliberate campaign to destroy European societies with mass-immigration and destroy the lower and middle classes by blending them all to shit.

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