Ask /r/CompetitiveHS | Wednesday, December 25, 2019

any1 feel like flik has somewhat dropped in value after galakrond shaman and holy wrath paladin were kinda pushed out from the meta after the nerfs? i feel like flik is too slow and is no longer worth the 6 mana. its obviously not good against aggro as its too high cost and slow and doesn't really much to protect ur face. against res priest, they just resurrect their minions with spell effects (doesn't kill reborns and the two summoned copies from deathrattle). and nowadays theres quite a lot of highlander decks too so its just a 6 mana kill a minion. previously it was a great tempo play against shamans dragon pack and won you the game when you flik'ed holy wrath paladin's shirvallah but now i dont really see the merit in adding flik in almost every rogue deck. i dont see flik as that great all round card it "used" to be.

p.s. interested in how the stats say that flik has a high draw wr% but an awful play wr%. like im definitely feeling the awful play wr% rn but what makes its draw wr% so good?

note: not trying to start an argument but please do try to convince me otherwise that flik is still a good card. my rogue decks are kinda filled with 5+ mana cards and im honestly getting sick of having my hands filled with these high end cards i cant play till t6 (since faceless corrupter needs a target to transform. used to be decent before the nerf as a 5 mana tempo play for a single 5/4 rush but a 4/4 doesnt cut it since it cant kill the 5 health taunts it used to be able to)

been thinking about cutting bloodsail flybooter, faceless corrupter and flik from most rogue decks as both their draw and play rates dont feel as good to me anymore. (honestly a shame that i cant have praise galakrond in a non-galakrond deck as the stats show that its the only good galakrond card in the deck haha)

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