I asked a bit over a year ago, Should Silent Hill get a remake? To celebrate 21 years of Silent Hill, I ask it again.

I remember when Final Fantasy VII Remake rumors started really flowing, and hearing a lot of negative feedback but not understanding why. I think Silent Hill is another good example of the same concept— it’s extremely difficult to make what fans remember the game being to them originally.

I replayed the original Silent Hill a few years ago and really hated some aspects of it. I think there’s definitely room for mechanical and graphical improvement, but where it gets tricky is for a developer/writer understanding what made the original work so well outside of that. Trying to recreate something you don’t understand is pointless. It’s just a shell. The soul is gone. If Konami can’t grasp why Silent Hill is still so fondly remembered over 20 years later, they should just move forward with totally new ideas.

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