I asked him what he thinks about #metoo and the wage gap... These are red flags right?!

I find it more "fascinating" that guys like that martyr millionaire dudes that still end up finding work eventually as being martyrs...be it cases of abuse or "divorce rape". They ignore statistics and act like privileged, high-status men are the ones most wounded by being cancelled when that's largely a lie.

All the while guys like that ignore the fact that there's ton of people constantly harassing women that come forth...it just seems invisible simply because corporations aren't in on it, but generally when women come forth there's a huge risk involved. Barely any guy gets "cancelled", and most women decide to stay quiet because it's actually pretty rare that they're taken seriously.

Men would rather obsess about the extreme minority of men that are genuinely wronged by false accusals...rather than the fact that there's several times the amount of women traumatized by sexual harassment and rape. That Johnny fuckin' Depp, with genuinely questionable evidence against him, is the type of person men like this want to white knight...really does tell you the whole story about the depth of their sympathies.

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