Asked spouse to say one nice thing about me, reply was less than ideal.

All the drones are out in force suggesting divorce and leaving because he is such a "danger" and has so many "red flags".

If he keeps saying he has an issue with something then why don't you listen to what he is saying? He doesn't want to sort through clothes in the drawer because it is disorganized. Do you know how I know? Cuz he gets furious he has to look for it. He doesn't want the toothpaste sitting out after saying over and over to put it away.

You let your kid bring 2 chairs into the kitchen. You didn't put it back after. You know the man doesn't like a mess. What do you do? Leave it in there and he comes and sees it and gets angry and kicks it.

Make him the villain as usual! You have no responsibility in this situation. I wonder what he would think about you slandering him online. You probably will never tell us what all of your faults are. I wonder what he would have to say about your behavior.

I can already see that you don't like to clean. You leave things out all the time, the dressers are disorganized, you leave the diaper genie completely full of diapers and when he goes to put a diaper in he sees that it is maxed out instead of changed.

If he has a crappy job and has to come home to a crappy house, that will start to irk anyone after a while.

He is type A. You are Type B. I get it. It isn't the worst thing in the world. You just need to git gud at organizing.

You may not like it but people like this need things to be a specific way or else they get snippy. As the years go by he is going to be more dissatisfied with the relationship. That isn't grounds for divorce. Git gud. Of course he can't say nice things about you if you aren't even listening to a basic thing he says.

It isn't like you came on here saying 1 nice thing about him either.

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