Asking for their last name

So either on first date to three dates in I guess. One guy told me his before we met up but i didn't offer mine. He told me because I didn't want to park in this busy city and he offered his condo parking to me, so he gave me his name. 3 dates in, he asked me for my last name and i told him, and he said "oh so i already knew, i just wanted to confirm." Yeah... being a specific type of doctor in that city made it easy for him to google, according to him. Damn. I mean everyone googles each other, i wished he didn't tell me though.

To be fair... this dentist guy that i saw... i also googled him easily by just putting his name in and city. BUT he didn't ask me, and i didn't ask him. I declined a second date so it didn't matter anyway. Rest of them, i think they asked me on first date and i'd tell them if i feel like there is a second date. There always was one, so thankfully that worked out and nobody was a stalker. But if i were to do it all over again, i'd prob wait til later.

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