Asking if gelling baby hairs (the short messy ones at the start of the hairline) is offensive to other races

First of all why the aggression? You can do all whatever you want, if you I want to damage your hair and scalp be my guest and do it. But your hair is easier to style and with all those options you still go with dreadlocks? Something that your hair naturally doesn’t do? Well you do you.

Black women we have to relax our hair because for so long it was what was considered presentable. I can’t count the times how many times I got in trouble for wearing my natural hair for certain events as a teen.

And not only white people have straight hair. Many family members of the Ethiopian side of my family have straight hair. Other ethnicities have straight hair, white people you don’t trademark straight hair.

Blonde isn’t a unique white trait, just like blue/green eyes aren’t white exclusive ( I have green eyes myself and a light hair tone ) textured hair is easier to style in dreadlocks and that is a fact.

And what do you mean that even black people couldnt copy?

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