AskScience AMA Series: We're Experts on Influenza (aka the Flu). AUA!

Question 1: I was very sick in January of 2020 with a respiratory illness. I think the only reason I didn’t end up in the hospital was because I hit it with every asthma med I have as soon as I realized I was sick, because my lungs do not react well to respiratory viruses. Oh, and I lost my sense of smell/taste completely. It has only returned this year.

At the time I was told “It’s a bad flu year, you can’t have covid,” yet I think I did. I did get a flu shot that year (and every year).

What say you?

Question 2: Why has it taken so long to develop an RSV vaccine? It’s been around forever and was a scourge when my children were young almost 20 years ago.

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