askTRP Megathread June 20

Around this time last year while I was still plugged in, I got somewhat soft-nexted by this HB9 that went to my highschool and goes to my gym. Haven’t said anything to her since like October, only online as well. She lived away at the time, and when she got back, I didn’t want to appear creepy so I refrained from saying anything. (Mistake I know, but at the time I was BP af).

Nowadays after being RP, I always notice that when we are in the gym at the same time, she tends to cut her workouts short and leave. I only notice this because she works out regularly with someone I know from HS, and when I walk in and she sees me, my theory is that her hamster starts spinning and she runs for the hills. Could I potentially plate her, even after being hard friend zoned? What action, if any, should I take if I wanted to plate her again? Or, should I just refrain from doing anything altogether? (P.S. Not oneitis, would be more than happy with just ONS and never speaking to her again.)

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