AskTRP's advice for someone whose girlfriend was recently raped is TRP-tastic

So what if douche bags are more successful at getting typical girls into bed? That's not the sum total of what RP says.

That's the foundation of RP. I wouldn't consider the divorce court stuff intrinsic to RP, Scandinavian countries have much farier divorce courts, alimony and child support laws. If "chicks dig jerks" is false, no one needs RP. That hypothesis has profound implications.

Too bad. Ever occur to you that a woman might be the one to find the cure for cancer? Oh, but we can't have that - it's much more important that every man has an obedient pussy at home to fuck.

I'm not for eliminating women from academic research completely, I want a restoration of the past, and Marie Curie was born in the middle of the 19th century. I'm sure a balance can be found, but isolated research isn't something women are fond of as a group, they prefer areas of medicine where there's more human contact, like pediatrics.

While we're on the topic of medicine.

There's a case to be made that allowing more women into the leading research institutions crowds out good research because of the same patterns found above.

Lol. And you'd give up men's right to vote to end hypergamy. Hilarious.

I mean, that was rhetorical. I wouldn't give the vote to women exclusively.

You'll never understand how devastating hypergamy can be, because you can never imagine extended loneliness, the inability of finding a partner of equal SMV for prolonged periods of time in adulthood, because you've never experienced it. However long you were an ugly duckling, you had your family and friends at school, and hope. Dismissing hypergamy as a minor issue is an utterly "let them eat cake" attitude.

I've given you the benefit of the doubt for far too long, thinking that you seemed like an educated and unusual TeRP. But now I realize that was a mistake - you're every bit as virulently hateful and backward as 90% of the guys on that sub. You're just able to express yourself in verbose pseudo-intellectual screeds instead of crude tirades, is all.

This is why I wanted to avoid the discussions of what a "RP world" would look like, since I expected it to produce a virulently negative emotional reaction from you, which it did, but I was busy today and couldn't be disciplined.

You can toddle off now and delete your messages and create another new username to hide behind like the brilliant revolutionary you are.

The samizdat authors behind the Iron Curtains were all cowards in your book, I suppose.

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