ASM got reamed by store manager because photo/elec/cc had the lowest customer satisfaction.

yeah, and i didnt even go into the employees we have. we have ~12 people for the 3 areas. theres no accountability for anything.

1 person in photo disappears for 30 minutes at a time when not on break, she can be found talking in jewelry or somewhere in the store when photo has a line of customers. she is also somewhat mentally challenged, she was coached for something and had her mom come to the store to yell at the AM on behalf of her. actually, just today I was by myself and she was scheduled to leave at 530. she handed me the keys at 510 and said im going home. even though you can only clock out 9 minutes early. so i guess she sits in the bathroom for 10 minutes until she clocks out, i dont know. but i was alone in the department and was stuck with other customers, and customers were waiting to pick up their photos because she left 20 minutes early. she does this every day, but again, no accountability.

1 person is in his 30s and every week he has some sort of family emergency, hes in his 30s, self proclaimed autistic and has been at >10 occurrences several times in the past year, but has (literally) started crying to the store manager to not be fired, and either the store manager or an unrelated ASM will clear them out. anddddd, he brings in a giant bag of kratom and tells customers the wonderful benefits of it and no manager seems to give a shit that hes that trashy.

another person is an okay worker, but he is legitimately autistic or on the spectrum of some sort. he can do his photocenter(the procedures and shit) job, but he simply cannot give any decent amount of customer service. gets lots of complaints.

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