Assassin's Creed

Gamers don't give a shit about historical accuracy. They've been fed this nonstop nonsense rule of cool bullshit for so long.

I remember being pumped as fuck for AC. A historically accurate story in that time period and location!? Yes.

Then I found out you have "genetic memory" (which is complete bullshit), are really in the future, and the entire game was ruined for me. Plus the combat and exploration portions were kind of shit.

But yes, the entire bigger and better and cooler has come about because of one thing; people want to look cool. Anyone who says buying power is the problem in the loobox debate is a fucking idiot. The majority of people will always want to look cool over playing easy mode.

"But cosmetics are your choice!"

Incorrect. The very nature of cosmetics, of any lootbox system really, fundamentally changes the design of a game.

And this is why we see this change in art. Looking at you BF V.

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