Has Assassin's Creed Unity been improved upon since its release?

I get the impression that the majority of people on Reddit don't like multiplayer (in general), but there were thousands who bought the game just for the online. I check their profiles and the only trophies they have for AC are online. There are a lot of people like that, so a huge part of the game that was marketed toward them was broken. Hell, I suspect the next game is an MMO type, like The Division, and the failures of Unity's online should be worth noting.

The transmedia content locks weren't just about chests and outfits or 100% completion. I apologize if that is what you thought. It was about the slippery slope they were headed. They already have things like "preorders" and "season pass" and "microtransactions", but this was on a whole new level. The "companion app" essentially pandered to microtransactions. You spent $5 to buy better assassins and speed up the missions. That's unheard of. In-game content was locked by a third party website. That's unheard of. Why not have timed ads, like YouTube? The loading screens are a perfect opportunity for a shaving cream ad! (If you bought a particular shaving cream, you received a code to unlock exclusive gear.) The games microtransactions used to be exclusive to multiplayer customization. Unity had laced them into everything. There was an in-game microtransaction currency! They weren't satisfied with their customers only spending $60 for the base game and another $25-30 for season pass. That wasn't enough! Just look at the articles about this, calling Ubisoft the next EA. In case you didn't know, EA tried to stop selling their base games for $60, selling only the base game with season pass for $80. Wow, big deal right?! You got Unity practically for free. Others, like myself, paid in excess of $60 for Unity. You should thank us for fixing your free game rather than call us "stupid."

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