Do you assume that someone who is "left-leaning but" is actually just an alt-righter?

From the perspective of someone who'd probably be considered one of "these people", I can see the validity in this suspicion, but at the same time I think it's taken to excess.

If cultural/social/identity politics is what you care about most, or you see it as absolutely inseperable from economics, then it makes sense to make a clear divide between the egalitarian, internationalist, intersectional left and those who oppose it.

If economics is what matters most to you, or if you're a more buffet-thinking, policy-oriented centrist type, then this attitude from the left can seem stupid and tribalistic.

I do actually think the left is right about this one. Economics and individual policies are downstream of core principles, and if someone has fundamentally different beliefs about what society is and should be, it's pretty immaterial whether they share your views on healthcare or public transport or welfare. I just find myself on the other "team", for the most part, despite actually holding a lot of typically left-wing policy views.

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