Assuming we don't trade down, who should we draft with the 4th overall pick?

My caveat is that I haven't done any studying yet and I'm just going on casually watching some NCAA football this year (a lighter amount than in previous years).

I'd love to have Leonard Williams. He looks like Darrell Russell with heart; maybe not quite the ridiculous physical specimen that DrugRuss was, but close enough.

Williams would have to fall about 1 or 2 slots for Reggie to get him, but he could like Mack did before him, especially if Randy Gregory or Shane Ray win the Combine and if Jameis interviews well.

I'd also love for Reggie to go after Suh.

Tamba Hali is an $11M cap hit for KC and if they are going to spend big to re-sign Houston, they might let Hali go. If that happens, I think he becomes a priority target because he has such great pass rush technique for Mack to learn from and also allows Mack to play on the opposite side (and move around).

I'm not sure if Denzel Perryman will fall to the 2nd round, but if he does, Williams + Perryman suddenly puts a lot of the defensive pieces into place.

I'm not sure if a 3-4 with :

Suh - Jelly - Leonard Williams

Mack - Sio - Perryman - Hali

Hayden - Tyvon - CWood/Ross - Brown/Carrie/McGill/Thorpe

is necessarily the best fit, but i'd love to find out and I'd be willing to hold off on a #1 WR for another year for it.

Another note : The Raiders will pick 4th in the 1st round, but that means they will pick 3rd in the 2nd (and 4th and 6th) round.

If Williams doesn't fall, then I'm a little disappointed but would not be upset with either Randy Gregory or Amari Cooper. I think I'd prefer Gregory (haven't really followed Shane Ray or Vic Beasley, etc) to pair up with Mack. Gregory looks like a pure pass rusher to put on the right side and I think Mack can be deployed more as a versatile weapon and putting him on the left side isolates him on RTs and lets him be far more destructive and also more useful in the run game.

Cooper makes the team better at 4 positions. X (Cooper), Z (Streater), slot (James Jones), and QB (carr). Carr to Coop could be a tandem for the next decade. And James Jones looks like he does his best work from the slot (as in GB) and if Cooper is as advertised, it will take so much more pressure off Streater and we could see him explode.

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