Assuming PH able to manage the pandemic better than them.

Not sure how your irrelevant China citizen rant have anything to do with this, I mean if you wanna imply something, give us a source on them contributing to our local cases, at least a contact tracing patient #.

Lmao, you couldn't even get the timeline right or during which administration the Tabligh event (27 Feb to Mar 1) happened.

After the 1st spike (Tabligh Cluster), the top 3 local transmitted clusters are all from citizens coming back from overseas. All the data ate available at MOH.

Those power hungry facks like Azmin that pulled the Sheraton move are the ones that are in this very administration so what's your point? Serves who right when we're the ones getting facked?

PH flip flopping is totally inconsequential to the situation we're facing now. Nothing can change the fact that PN is responsible for the 2nd and 3rd wave and with their useless, flip flopping, inconsistent, uncoordinated and double standard SOP/enforcements.

But then, hUrr dUrR PH bAd...

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