Aston Martin and Alpha Tauri were the only teams slower in Q1 than in FP3

Did you read the article? They pretty much said they didn’t change anything after the good FP3 which was the problem.

It shouldn’t happen, but they trusted their setup from FP3 to much exactly because it worked so well. I can relate to that, don’t fix what broken. The problem is that they should really know how track temperature works, especially for something so basic as tyre pressure. It’s also easily fixable it’s not in parc ferme, so instead of having 2 short Q1 stints they should used the time like the other teams and run more laps, they could have at least reacted then and fixed it for a last lap. But meanwhile they let vettel and stroll run a short stint and waited for the last 6 minutes. In conditions that aren’t perfectly predictable. That’s their main fault in my opinion, if they run 4~ laps they could have learned that the tyre temp is too high and adjust it, they decided nah no need to test out the setup in this conditions properly, which is stupid.

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