AstraZeneca vaccine permanently stopped in Denmark after 5 week pause

You can correct people without rubbing their faces in the deaths of their friends and family, as I say I'm not defending OP but it seems like it comes up an awful lot and I think it's distasteful. And there certainly was smugness during both the first and second waves in the UK. I didn't get that from listening to our media, I agree our tabloids are utter shit but most people recognise that, or at least of those you'll talk to on Reddit. I got that from various Europeans on Reddit itself, many of whom were upvoted. You can understand why even people like myself who were previously Europhiles could find that a bit dispiriting and put them in a defensive mindset.

My general point is that this whole notion that the Brits are all Daily Mail reading, EU hating savages whilst everyone from the EU is a magnanimous liberal without bias or prejudices which seems to be a background assumption for a vocal minority on here is in itself a product of a nationalist superiority complex. I'm not saying you're one of those people, but some of your fellows definitely are and throwing fuel on the fire isn't helping.

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