ASU failing students to get more money.

I’ve given end-of-year reviews on these professors who use these pay-to-submit software systems and they have seriously gone nowhere.

Even left ratemyprofessor reviews and nothing. In fact, those reviews got nowhere.

President Crow is a snake and a lot of the higher up administrative staff at ASU are. I would know, I worked for them in one of their grant funding departments. Believe me, they can be absolutely catty and so far up their ass about image than the job they’re actually doing. They’re all so concerned about this facade of being the most innovative college in America that they’re not doing anything to actually fix their system of being one of the cheapest colleges in America but forget to actually speak about the expenses that come with getting an education- software, parking, opt-out football tickets, dorms, and the list goes on.

I love ASU as a school because I sincerely think I get a good education from my professors and it provides me with lots of networking opportunities especially in my field. However, the administrative staff and all these higher level faculty that aren’t professors need to do some serious improvement with their performance because they’re too involved with being “innovative” and less about student experience at this point.

Tl;dr - it’s seriously the higher level administrative faculty that are at fault here, the professors cannot do anything about it.

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