Is this some form that I'm not aware of?

Before I continue, my interpretation of this poem is that it's about a sex worker contemplating getting out of the life that they were dealt.

The imagery of this poem was visceral and carnal. It's bleak and melancholy, while remaining candid, austere. I love the ambiguity. So many people fail in this regard, but the double-meanings and word choices lend fantastically to the subject matter. To have a poem evolve as you read it and take on different meanings as you explore it shows mastery and effort. This is truly a great piece among the low-effort, middling unpoems that many people choose to post here. It's short and sweet (more like sour) and accomplishes all it needs to. It's excellent. (OK maybe a little pretentious) If you were to change anything, I would only tweak word choice, but even then you risk compromising the economy of your piece.

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