I ate something

Congrats! I remember asking my mom over FaceTime in college what I'm supposed to do now with my life..to which she replied "shower". A lot of the time it's not about your longterm goals, just your day to day small victories.

I never believed it when people would tell me this but--this is the worst breakup you'll ever go through. If you handle it properly and let yourself FEEL every emotion, you will approach discomfort with a sense of ease in the future. It sucks now, but eating is a big step. Work on creating your own purpose in life, as well as being content alone. Whether it's putting down your phone and reading, having weekend movie nights with friends or even joining a recreational team alone.. you need to feel a sense of autonomy in your own life and be content COMPLETELY on your own. To the point where the next time you're considering dating someone, they need to ADD to your life instead of merely coast within it. So that one day, when you think you've met the one and they decide to walk away for whatever reason, you still have YOUR life that YOU'VE created for YOURSELF and thus, they take nothing with them from you.

THAT is how to interpret, handle, and use this discomfort to grow. Eat a little more on the days you can, don't on the days you can't and just remember.. at least you ate! Goodluck!

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