Atheists are more likely to sleep better than Catholics and Baptists

Wealth levels by race in America goes like this:

Poorest - Native Americans

2nd poorest - African Americans

2nd richest - White Americas

Richest - Asian Americans

Incidentally, if you look at police killing, they line up with wealth levels by race. Native Americans are killed by far the most often when adjusted for population.

Over 10 Native Americans are killed by police per million a year, while 6-7 African Americans are killed per 1 million. 2-3 White Americans per 1 million and 1-2 Asian Americans per million.

There are also studies showing that the less education and lower standard of living a country has the more religious people that country has, which again lines up with all of this. Asian Americans are the most educated and generally have the highest standard of living while Native Americans are at the bottom.

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