Atheists of Reddit: What do you do or to whom do you turn when it feels like everything is against you and the universe is just like "No." ?

I get what you are saying. My point is that the universe existed long before us and will continue to exist long after we're gone. The only reason I brought up the universe in the first place is because it's where my concept of reality ends. My tiny human brain can't possible understand where it comes from or how something came from nothing. My only recourse is to go with the assumption that it's just always been there, there's no beginning or end, just different states of being. Sure you can say that the universe is a part of something larger, created by a god that created himself out of nothing. It all just gets kind of pointless and fantastical. We're all just coming up with wild theories by this point, which is why my mind is boggled that someone can have such strong "Faith" that their truth is THE truth.

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