Athens airport receives $750,000 federal grant for commercial flight subsidies

The 750,000 is an investment that can boost the local economy. The jobs and purchases relates to the airline circulate within the community. The airport will need workers for gate agents/ramp workers, security, etc.. possibly even maintenance. The planes will be buying fuel here. The crews will be living here or possibly staying in local hotels, maybe even grabbing a meal in Athens.

Those making use of the flights can be instrumental to jobs and tax revenue in the community. The USAir service made it possible for people with well-paying jobs to live in Athens, make few demands on its resources, and pay taxes earned in those jobs that require frequent travel out-of-state. The USAir service also makes it easier for the companies doing business at the industrial park and regionally to visit Athens for meetings. The less hassle they must endure to visit Athens, the more likely they are to find Athens a workable location for business.

And, perhaps most importantly, there are strategic reasons for ensuring that small regional or rural cities have local air service. It’s not just throwing money down a hole. It’s stimulating the local economy.

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