Atlanta - Long Ago Shoes [1985; country music]

This is how I am, just another forever English student, can hear it:


  • Verse 1:

On the shelf off they see it,

In the back of her closet,

I know lady's long ago shoes.

Right up in dozens

Of memories of you --

Lifetime of love that they knew.


  • Verse 2:

Every now and again

She drifts back to me,

She was the Belle of the Ball.

She slips [in] them in the mornings -

Just for a moment

She's back in the midst of it all.


  • Refrain:

Lady Blue

Dancing your long ago shoes.

Like you used to

When ago stuff you loved is once new.

And soon

You'll be back in these ones, Lady Blue,

Till then you left to pretend

In your long ago shoes.


  • Verse 3:

If anyone sum [up] her

She knows that wonder -

She had got others [to] remind.

Most people have pictures,

Others read letters -

She simply steps back in time.


  • Refrain.


  • Last two lines of the refrain.
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