Attacks on Asian Americans during pandemic renew criticism that U.S. undercounts hate crimes

BLM was never specifically about only helping black people. It was about curbing police violence on other people...that was for Asians just as much for black Americans... I’m saying this because every time we get threads like these that involve racism against black folk people start churning out the Whataboutisms, while carefully avoiding the uncomfortable truth that there are minority communities have the same prejudiced notions about African-Americans that some white people do.

This isn’t a contest about who has it the worst. This is an effort about stopping prejudice on all fronts. I like what BLM stands for (I’m black) but I didn’t personally go out and protest..and many other black Americans didn’t go out and physically protest either despite holding similar views.

I’m sorry other minorities went out to support a cause that affects every American :’( I’m sorry some people felt compelled to go out and stand up against cops openly murdering people. Do you feel bad about the Civil Rights Act? So many people went out in force to support that for the plight of black Americans...they forgot to include everyone else :( /s

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