Attractive people of Reddit, when did you realize you were "hot"? What are the pros and cons?

Former ugly ducking chiming in...

Pro: High confidence. I was always very sociable. But when you notice people want to be around you - and make obvious moves to just want to spend more time with you - it makes you feel good. That whole concept of 'leagues' becomes almost laughable. And the confidence, when maintained at a good level, helps you get better jobs and people's tust much easier.

Con: If you're a person who was not attractive growing up, or did not feel attractive growing up, you maintain that viewpoint in some way. Yes, you get confident. But I still sometimes question why these clear 10's are showing sexual interest - let alone any interest - in me. And yes, people like you... but is it becaus of your personality or just looks? Especially the people who ignored you when you weren't 'hot' suddenly accept you. It's like... why? My core hasn't changed. I just have a well maintained beard and show off my physique more.

Oh, also, fun fact - a lot of the super attractive people I've been with, who aren't as lucky to be as grounded as I was, are pretty lonely most of the time because not only of the reasons I listed (the constant questioning). But also because many people 'below their league' view then with suspicion as well.

In other words - being 'hot' is probably not always best. Being moderately attractive, or even 'average (whatever that means)' is probably the best in terms of looks, trust and relationships IMO.

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