Auction Draft strategies. Better to blow most of your budget on 3 or 4 studs? Or diversify and 6 or 7 good players?

I’ve won twice, my strategy is spend big early on a stud RB and stud WR, and then target those mid round WRs who have big upside. 2020 I paid big for Davante and then grabbed Diggs and Mclaurin cheap. Last year paid for Tyreek and grabbed Kupp and Higgins. Pretty much have won with having a huge advantage at WR each week.

This year I like Jefferson or Chase. And high upside guys like Sutton, Juju, Elijah Moore, Godwin, Lazard etc.

IMO it’s not difficult to hit on a few cheap receivers so if you can pair them with a safe WR1 you’ll be golden. Plus you are also taking a stud RB. The rest of your RB you can snag late for cheap and play waivers

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