Aussie Right-Wing Activist Claims 'Comedy Central' Got Him Deported From The U.S.

I have 0 reason to think they're lying. If you have a shred of evidence that they were deported for anything else feel free to share.

events that play to the right's narrative of victimhood, oppression, and being silenced.

He was literally smeared with the most egregiously doctored video I've ever seen all the while the person interviewing him went out of his way to mock Muslims even going so far as to draw a picture of Muhammad during the interview and try to get Avi to agree Muslims were dumb for caring about such an act which he refused to do. In what are they not victims here? Why isn't Jefferies being fired from Comedy Central for his extremely offensive comments about Muslims? What planet are living on where doesnt qualify as being oppressed? Or do you just have no morals?

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