Austin Addison, identified as man who slapped Burger King employee in viral video, charged and fired

Yeah, you're right about that, and it's alot better to run from those situations. I was a bit heavy into it and shit got real ugly after some years. The people I knew about that got robbed were always either totalt assholes or the sweetest people. Those who didn't have that killer instinct for protecting their shit, had to be real careful with the door. One time a friend of my friend got robbed and his girl refused to give the money, insisting that they had just paid off their new shit. Afterwards my friend got a call, then we went over there and got their cash (safekeeping). Looked into it calling around town, asking people to check around as well (not really expecting to get it back, more to signal that this wasn't some randoms who got robbed)

Those guys didn't try them again despite them doing the exact same at the exact same spot. Just by telling most people in my circle about them getting their stuff from us. Whatever happened, maybe one of our good friends knew them and told them to stay away, who knows. Just being in the "hierarchy" on some level, knowing people, makes you safer. This is also a double edged blade, and that's the reason I'm forever out of that stressful happiness draining life. It's fun until you start earning really good money.

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