Austin Aries is the modern version of JBL. This is him shoot kicking a guy in the head who just concussed himself with a botched shooting star press.

You’re whining like he hurt someone. He didn’t.

Haskins left the match with a concussion and a broken neck. Regardless of whether Aries caused it or not, the fact that he chose to hit moves that put pressure on the neck is totally reckless.

“it ain’t ballet”

It isn't, but you are still supposed to protect your opponent. Aries failed to do so.

What else should they have done and how many matches do you have under your belt to help you make that decision?

How many do you have? Have you ever seen a wrestler hit moves that are high risk to the neck after their opponent suffers a neck injury? If course fucking not because it's extremely stupid. Usually they just roll them up.

You’re whining

Lol, I'm not whining. I'm just not a complete fucking invalid like you seem to be. You should probably wipe that stuff off your lips because it's a little gross.

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