In Australia what could be done if it is clear that the person charged for murder is just an accessory and the police seemingly made no or very little attempt to find the actual murderer?

I’m not friends with the person who was involved with the murder? I’m family of the victim.

Don’t think we have similar felony laws, they were charged as the actual murderer who apparently did it all alone when they should’ve been charged as an accessory to the murder. That’s my understanding anyway.

Again, it was CRYSTAL fucking clear that they didn’t commit the murder and knowing all the facts it’s also likely that they were an unwilling accomplice who got caught up with the wrong people. I’m not going to state straight facts here since a crime group is involved.

I don’t know if everything was “done above board,” I’m asking if the police tend to keep it a secret when they’re looking for more suspects.

If not and they were charged and the case dropped, why would a guy who clearly didn’t do it be charged as the sole murderer and the case be dropped when, again man, he didn’t do it alone. It’s obvious. I’m p I’m trying to wrap my head around this.

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