Australia is a world leading loser when it comes to gambling

Out of curiosity does this factor in the amount of money gambled in Australia by foreigners? I assume it does.

People love to come to Australia to gamble from countries where it is illegal.

A long time I used to work in a casino (in an office not on the floor) and our biggest customers were people we'd fly in for free from Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Macau and more, who'd come over and mostly lose many millions of dollars at a time.

More recently I worked in another industry but met a man overseas who's job it was to get wealthy foreigners to Crown casinos. He was very wealthy himself as a result. One of his customers single biggest loss in one go was in the multiple hundreds of millions of dollars.

I am definitely not trying to defend gambling at all, after working in that office and seeing how the house always wins no matter what, the most I'll ever gamble, for fun, is about $20. I just think it would be interesting to see this statistic if it was separated out to Australian citizen losses vs foreign citizen losses, and where we would rank in with those figures removed.

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