Australian Army reservists to be compulsorily called out to respond to more bushfires, natural disasters and coronavirus-style crises

Again, I’ve been somewhat clear but I’ll simplify again:

Going on an op and feeling like you could’ve not been there and been doing something more valuable elsewhere is not encouraging for anyone. Arborists being told they can’t use a chainsaw because they aren’t army qualified isn’t exactly motivating is it? The idea of being pulled away from being able to defend my family when there certainly are full timers doing sweet FA elsewhere isn’t a huge motivation is it? Personally I’m not keen to sit on a boat because that’s not what the army is for IMO, if I wanted that I’d have joined the navy or border force. I’m also pretty sure nobody is going into DFR and saying “I really want to go sit at checkpoints and ask for licenses in Victoria, oh and also door knocking sounds amazing”.

I never said overseas or nothing, but it’s pretty clear why people who join a military service favour military ops otherwise they’d have joined MSF, unicef or the Red Cross never mind the CFA/RFS/SES. Seems like a bit of a question that didn’t need asking IMO.

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