Australia's same-sex marriage postal survey: 61.6% yes, 38.4% no

I was raised in a female-female household. My parents separated when I was 5, and my mom happened to find someone she liked that was the same sex. I remember a night in which my mom took me and my brother out for dinner, and then proposed the question to us about her girlfriend moving into our home. She bought us Pogs and ice cream when she brought up the idea (around age 7). She raised me to value money, so in my young mind I remember considering it as cutting down living expenses and I ended up agreeing for her to move in. It was very difficult growing up with a lesbian 'parent'. It was awkward when I had friends over or when they called my house (I'd create excuses as of who 'that person was' being the only person in my school with a gay parent) She was very rude on top of it, very 'fem butch' type. Just to recall a random incident in which her family member called to leave a message, and I forgot to relay it to her. A week later my friend called to invite me to a birthday party, she answered, but didn't bother to tell me. (around age 10). Later on my friend asked why I didn't show up, I said i had no idea.

I guess with the whole idea of homosexuality being fought for is the prevent things like this. It's a very difficult scenario that I had to figure it out in my own mind as a kid, I was in a situation where I was simply happy that my mom was happy with another person, and I didn't want to change that.

As a grown adult now, I have no idea of what family value is. My mom spent her life with the girlfriend's family, often tried to force me into it too, of which I did not want. My mom thought I was a social reject because I didn't want to have friends over, little did she know it was because she was a lesbian.

The only advice I'd give to a homosexual parent raising a kid is to fully and openly discuss it, they don't need to be a teenager to understand it. I was 9 years old, just give some insight or something. To this day, my mom has never said anything about being a lesbian. She sort of just blankly left it up to me to figure out. I don't blame her, I love my mom. She tries really hard for us to be a 'family', but I just can't do it. Deep down inside I feel like my mom chose her gf's family over our dead thing (My family consists of me, my brother, my dad (no idea where he is) and my mom, no one else is alive). I still do my best effort as a son to talk to her regularly.

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