Autism is considered a disorder of the brain. But a new study suggests that the peripheral nervous system, the nerves that control our sense of touch, pain and other sensations, may play a role as well.

I don’t have autism (that I know of) but I experience the same issues. I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but my doctor refused to do any scans or check anything other than my blood & refused to send me to any specialists so I’m not sure it’s actually fibro. But because I’m constantly in pain most other injuries don’t bother me. Even as a kid when I sprained my arm, I didn’t cry just walked back home, told my mom I hurt it. She didn’t believe me and told me to take a nap, which I did. She only took me to the doctor because I couldn’t use a fork to feed myself afterwards. But any time I get a cut or a bruise I won’t notice. Even burns don’t bother me much, just annoying and they get itchy fast. I can sit through tattoos for hours without breaks or being bothered. Never heard of other people that are the same way. The only time I ever thought pain was unbearable was when I had an ovarian cyst rupture, and I only thought it was so bad because I couldn’t sleep through it (mainly because I couldn’t get comfortable, it literally felt like there was a tennis ball sized lump in my lower right side).

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