Automation has spooked me and i feel sticking to technical line will make us less vulnerable. What's your opinion?

I am an Infrastructure Automation manager. Automation allows a company to scale bigger and faster but at the same times requires lots of people to maintain and update code/scripts. Think of it this way.. people used to do math by hand, then used calculators, and now there are apps where we just plug in certain values and the rest is handled. That’s exactly what automation is. Don’t be scared of it, welcome it, embrace it, and be part of it. I could not automate anything without smart people such as yourself working with me, lending me your experience and expertise on a day to day basis. And even after that when something breaks I need that same expert to help me with break/fix. Oh and what about those one off tasks? Do you think I’m going to waste hours, days, week’s automating something that’s going to be done just once?! Nope, nope, and no.

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