Autos are fine but manuals are superior!!

I really don't know where to begin, but read what you said again and tell me how I'm supposed to get that you meant a very specific car in Honda's lineup...

That was just an example. Even many car guys would find your car much less interesting with an auto compared to the manual.

You said no car person thinks a Honda is cool... I listed some offereings that car people do in fact think are cool...

No. I said only non car people automatically think a Honda, or any car, is cool.

Did you just wake up or something or are you always this dim?

Says the guy trying to say autos are "plenty cool" while then listing out enthusiast only cars that are manual only.

edit: I never even mentioned auto or manual... just said you're cool for driving a Honda. So you're injecting your own ideas into something I never included in the first place.

This post is literally about people saying youre cooler if you have a manual.

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