Avengers 5 Members

I don't want to see an Avengers team with only classic characters that have already worked together. A team of Thor, Professor Hulk, Rhodey, Captain Marvel, Ant Man and Wasp would be a bit of a rehash of the last two Avengers movies. Sure you would have Lang and Hope interacting with Carol for the very first time in a non-battle setting but I don't want the new Avengers team to be 100% characters we've already seen that have already interacted with each other.

Now a team of established MCU characters who have never really interacted with each other could be interesting. Sam, Bucky, Thor, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel and Dr. Strange or Professor Hulk or Ant Man and Wasp could be an interesting dynamic. Sam and Bucky have only interacted with Spiderman during their fight scenes in Civil War and only interacted with Hulk when Steve Rogers was getting the stones back to their rightful place. Sam does have history with Scott Lang.

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