Average Pashtun

While Pakis are white larpers indeed,there is nothing wrong in the height thing.Northwest Indians are generally taller with broad features.This is historically attested by many works.For e.g the astronomer Varāhamihira says that the best men have a height of 108 digits, (200 cm / 6'5~), the medium type of men have a height of 96 digits (~ 182 cm / 6'0"), the inferior men have a height of 84 digits, (~ 160 cm / 5'3"). He calls the 108 digits people "Malvyas" & says that says "they have white teeth, tree trunk arms etc. They are Kings of cultured mind of Broach, Sindhu, Saurashtra, Lata etc.They live for 70 years".

This description fits the modern day height distribution too except Kerala(which is unique obviously because of genetic reasons & migrations from other regions).While everyone on this subcontinent has ancestory from multiple races the South Indians(+ a lot of Mainlanders) are short because of more onge/australoid ancestory & Northeasterners are short because of Mongoloid ancestory.

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