Aw man all that for nothing

I don’t have time to argue with morons. You genuinely didn’t care to read what I have to say and have gone so far as to make up sentences to put in my mouth. Clearly you think spamming the scroll wheel is how you play bhop because you assume is so incredibly easy to do. Which is it? Is it easy to do or so hard to do you need a script to remove rng. Make up your mind, or come up with some valid points instead of taking an argument in every direction. Just because I didn’t directly quote what he’s said doesn’t mean I’m putting words in his mouth. You’ve directly made stuff up and admitted you don’t actually read anything. It’s correct to assume he’s an auto hopper because in csgo, those are the kinds of servers that are most popular. (I was right). I’m done arguing with you, but you might even respond to this because you’ve admitted you don’t care enough to read things. Are you gonna be like the last guy and ignore facts? Do I need to directly quote you on how you think it’s super easy but also super hard with rng, so I’m not “putting words in your mouth” lmao

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