Awesome Algorithm Spez you cuck-a-diddler-do!

Well, just remember that Reddit is barely staffed well enough in numbers or adequacy to keep the god damned thing running, let alone do much more than fiddle with vote weights and how often T_D hits /all and the like.

There was a recent post about wiping us all off the map - well, they did just that with a preponderance of old accounts; it was not easy or smooth for the network/DB homeboy who had to make it work.

Also, I don't think they give a fuck - Spezzy is here to individually capitalize on the Tech Sector Wealth Redistribution Scheme since hipmunk et al isn't paying that fucking well; he shows up, keeps the boat above water, has a lucrative contract, and walks away with enough cash and prestige to either live like royalty for a while or rope in another fucking venture capitalist that made it big but doesn't know how to use the dosh.

CTR et al? HAH! They forgot the lessons of Pandemic, and we're Madagascar; you don't overwhelm your host, as a virus, to the point that it dies...your "message" (in this case, virii) doesn't spread and reproduce when you kill your damned hosts.

They killed /r/pol, they've killed Twitter with the Nine Billion Bots of Narnia, and they kill every other goddamned piece of media they touch.

And sirrah, you insult shitholes. Up north in our dubious state, I used one, and was greatly satisfied at the emptying of my bowels. I can't say Reddit as a whole gives me the same general ease.

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