Awesome dad explains to teens why their parents don't get them

...I thought my parents were total retards....

If I'm being honest, and I'm saying this as an adult, my mother really is quite... dumb. She had the best intentions, and is a loving mother, but it's only due to the miracle of state worker's unions that she held onto a job. I could highlight examples of character flaws, but it's rather unpleasant for me to discuss even now. I constantly go through a cycle of embarrassment, contempt and guilt when my family somehow becomes a subject in my personal or professional life.

Point being, It wasn't until started having more adult relationships as a young teenager, through either a girlfriend's parents, friends parents, mcjob co workers, or other such examples that I realized my "normal" was in fact anything but. It pretty much tanked my relationship with my family as that teenage angsty rebellious stage grew, and my views on life diverted drastically. I don't know how to say it without sounding arrogant, but I can't really remember as much of an "idiot teenage self" like so many others here, since I still feel validated in most of those views and arguments. I cut my stupid hair and dress much better now though ;)

...few adults out there that get it. If you can find one of those, I know it is difficult, but try finding a non-stupid adult that still remembers, and open up to them...

The guy's post resonated with me a bit, because honestly I feel most of the success I have today is because of random other people like my ex-girlfriend's dad who was a pretty cool guy, and gave me real advice when I wasn't getting it anywhere else. I shit you not, I'm actually going to my high school ex girlfriend's wedding later this month because I got invited by them. Weird enough on it own, but since that relationship didn't end on the best of terms, I'm guessing he probably pushed a bit on that invite.

Went on a bit of rant, but my whole point is I'm sure there's actually plenty of people out there with legitimately "dumb" parents, for non-trivial issues.

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